Chinese EV maker says only 10 firms will survive electric revolution

To compete, the company is looking to produce 3m cars per year

What is the ‘e’ in e-fuels?

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast we look to find out…

UK sticks to 2030 petrol car ban and ZEV Mandate

On top of this, more than £380m has been earmarked to increase the number of EVs on British roads

Volvo Trucks takes 32% share of electric truck market

The company has sold 4,300 trucks since it began building them five years ago

Government puts £10m towards decarbonising transport

It’s hopeful a new hub will reduce the 27% of overall British emissions that transport is responsible for every year

‘EVs paid for by German taxpayers don’t end up on German roads’

That’s according to new analysis claiming more than 100k have ended up in neighbouring countries

Almost half the UK don’t think the country will ever be ready for EVs

Money is the main barrier, with energy prices on the rise – a report suggests

Hyundai sending hydrogen trucks to Germany

These will be used by seven different German businesses

UK’s automotive carbon footprint fell by 11% in 2021

This is the lowest level since records began

Close to 750k EVs hit UK streets

Electric cars now represent one-in-five new vehicle registrations