Wyoming to ban EVs

The state has taken the decision to ban the sale of new EVs from 2035 to protect its oil and gas industry

UN: ‘US sanctions on Iran damaging environment’

A report claims these are violating the human right of access to clean air and and a sustainable environment

The West agrees green EV mineral deal

The agreement is to only purchase minerals from nations that meet certain environmental standards

US to pay $75m to relocate tribes facing climate threat

Indigenous communities in Washington and Alaska will be moved to higher ground to avoid flooding impacts

Titan America completes conversion to low carbon cement production

It is now producing Type IL cement, a low carbon construction material

ExxonMobil and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries unveil carbon capture tie-up

They will leverage their combined capabilities to advance carbon capture technologies that could reduce the cost of carbon capture for heavy-emitting industrial customers

Electric Hondas to feature PlayStation 5s?

Sony and Honda have joined forces to bring PS5s into electric cars

Solar on coal ash? ‘First-of-its-kind’ $216m pilot unveiled

A 100MW solar farm will be installed at the Shawnee Fossil Plant in Kentucky following environmental reviews and regulatory approval

Rolls-Royce’s low emission combustion system takes off in the US

Its demonstrator took to the skies in Tucson, Arizona, successfully entering the final phase of testing

US offers $250m for energy efficiency upgrades in homes and businesses

States can apply to establish loan funds to invest in energy audits and energy saving upgrades and retrofits of residential and commercial buildings