‘In 2019 the world generated almost 54 million metric tonnes of electronic waste’

The total weight of global electrical and electronic equipment consumption increases annually by 2.5 million metric tonnes

Solar panels
US university builds solar covered car park to offset 80% of its energy consumption

The project will facilitate 550kW of solar panels, which will feed directly into one of its halls and the campus grid

US ridesharing service Lyft commits to 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2030

With this pledge, the firm aims to drive the whole rideshare industry to net zero transport choices

‘World’s largest all-electric plane’ flies for the first time

By retrofitting an existing plane, magniX’s goal is to show that commercial electric flight is already possible

South California launches ‘largest public EV fast-charging station in US’

The facility, called the Marengo Charging Plaza, will boast a total of 44 EV chargers

EPA awards $1.4m grant to the University of Puerto Rico to reduce diesel emissions

The funds will support the replacement of 15 old heavy-duty trucks and will reduce particulate matter emissions by 3.2 tonnes and nitrogen oxide emissions by 43.3 tonnes

Two-thirds of Americans ‘have had an eco wake-up call since the start of the Covid-19’

A total of 55% of US citizens say they are recycling more frequently, according to a new survey

Dominion Energy quadruples clean generation targets as part of 15-year plan

The new plan aims to create jobs, increase access to renewable sources and improve Virginia’s energy storage infrastructure

New wind farm puts T-Mobile on track to 100% renewable energy

The 158MW wind project is expected to generate more than 504,100MWh annually, or enough energy to power 60,000 homes a year

Boston releases guidebook for zero emission buildings

It says the greenhouse gas emissions from the use of electricity, heating oil, natural gas and steam in buildings account for more than two-thirds of the city’s total emissions