Graduating with honours in climate change?

A college in Wales claims to be the first to offer students a course in climate action

Imperial students looking to be ‘net zero leaders’

The London university has launched an initiative to inspire the next generation of clean ideas and solutions

University Pension Plan Ontario unveils roadmap to net zero emissions by 2040

Its Climate Action Plan focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 16.5% by 2025 and 60% by 2030

Liverpool Uni bags £1.3m to create low carbon chemistry lab

Energy use in its lab will drop by 45% in the next four years

UEL and Siemens partner for 2030 net zero target

UEL and Siemens partner for 2030 net zero target

‘We’re putting climate change at the heart of education’ says Education Secretary

Alongside a new climate-based GCSE, he has revealed the steps being taken to put environment at the forefront of education

UWE turning online clicks into trees

The uni has opted for a new search engine that plants a tree for every 45 searches

‘Unis must reject all fossil fuel funding’

Academics have come together in a plea to stop all British and American universities investing in any fossil fuel companies whatsoever

University of Exeter sets 2030 net zero target

The target has been brought forward from its previous 2050 aim and covers all scopes of emissions

Fresh £40m boost for net zero cities, climate change, biodiversity research

Scientists at the universities of Cambridge, Exeter, Glasgow and Oxford will work towards developing solutions to key challenges facing the UK