New Leeds institute to tackle fashion’s global environmental challenges

It will take on challenges including fast fashion and the need for advanced materials, manufacturing processes and sustainable products

‘E-bikes could slash transport emissions by 50% and get Britons back to work’

In the post-coronavirus era, e-bikes could offer a safe way for people to travel and could reduce transport poverty, according to new research

‘World’s wealthiest consume 187 times more vehicle fuel than the poorest’

Among all the countries and income classes, the top 10% consume roughly 20 times more energy than the bottom 10%

New £1.2m study to explore ways of decarbonising the steel industry

It will aim to help eliminate the industry’s dependence on fossil fuels as the UK moves towards net zero carbon by 2050

University of Leeds leads the way in binning plastic waste

The university and its student union have committed to become single-use plastic-free by 2023

Asda to create ‘affordable green products’ for consumers

Asda has joined forces with the University of Leeds in a bid to create more affordable and sustainable products for its customers across the UK. They aim to establish what they claim will be the “largest ever study” solely focused on consumer attitudes towards sustainability and help find ways to help households save money at […]

Leeds University team works on Sellafield’s nuclear waste

A team from the University of Leeds has joined up with Sellafield nuclear plant (pictured) to develop a method of cleaning up radioactive waste safely and efficiently. The newly formed ‘Sludge Centre of Expertise’ will help Sellafield engineers work out a way to deal with the radioactive sludge from a distance, using remote monitoring equipment. […]