UN hails nuclear as the lowest carbon electricity source

Nuclear power generates less carbon dioxide emissions over its lifecycle than any other electricity source, according to a new report

Sainsbury’s pledges to become net zero in its operations by 2035

The retail giant moved its net zero target forward by five years

Russia circles 2060 as date for net zero

Vladimir Putin said that Russia will strive for carbon-neutrality of its economy

UN Chief: “We are at risk of not having a success in COP26”

The mistrust between developed and developing countries is the main driver of a potential failure, Mr Antonio Guterres said

Prince Charles on climate change: “We all need to race to the front line now”

The Prince of Wales said the recent wildfires in Greece have been “the stuff of nightmares”

Drax joins the UN Race To Zero

By joining the campaign, the company commits to further reducing its emissions

Basketball commits to cut emissions

The International Basketball Federation plans to have its major events carbon-neutral by 2050

UN launches 2050 ‘Race to Zero’ emissions target

A new initiative aims to coordinate commitments by providing comparability and establishing criteria for best carbon reduction practices

UNEP awards innovative start-ups working to build a greener Asia

Each winner will receive $10,000 in funding, in addition to training, business mentoring and technical analysis of their environmental impacts

‘Water is an under-used weapon in climate change fight’

Issued on World Water Day, a new UN report states that ‘efficient usage of water could help reduce planet warming emissions and curb climate change’