Homes near new pylons to receive £1,000 energy bill discount

Under proposed government plans, households in close proximity to new pylons and substations could receive a £1,000 annual reduction in their energy bills for ten years

More UK homes to earn by cutting energy usage

National Grid Electricity Distribution has seen “rapid growth” in domestic participation in its flexibility programme, with 433 households set to reduce energy usage and earn savings

Winter demand service to triple: Will UK lights stay on?

The electricity system operator expects a significant increase in participation in this winter’s Demand Flexibility Service, potentially tripling last year’s uptake

EDF acquires solar energy firm

EDF Renewables UK has acquired SAS Energy

Jaguar Land Rover’s old car batteries to power UK grid

The used electric vehicle batteries will be repurposed to store excess power during off peak times and release it back into the grid when needed

SSEN to invest £10bn in UK electricity networks

The funding is predicted to enable the connection of up to 11GW of offshore wind projects

UK space-based solar energy takes off!

The government will invest £4.3 million in universities and tech firms to advance innovation in the emerging space-based solar power sector