2.5bn trees to be grown, restored or conserved by 2030

A new platform has been launched by the World Economic Forum, which will see more than 20 companies from 50 different countries help restore and protect forestry

New forest to be created in North East to promote a ‘greener future’

Enough trees are set to be planted to cover 35 football pitches in the first year, after receiving £480k in funding from Defra’s Nature for Climate Fund

‘High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions’

Land Life Company’s Rebekah Braswell says large-scale reforestation, combined with the smart use of data, can prove an essential tool in businesses’ CSR strategies

BrewDog commits to making all its employees carbon-negative

The company has introduced an employee perk, enabling its so-called ‘Carbon-Negative Crew’ to calculate their carbon footprint and track it using a mobile app

Government launches consultation regarding fines for businesses that contribute to deforestation

The government says currently, many of the products bought in the UK use ingredients that have been produced in countries where there is a high risk of deforestation

Guaranteed income offered to landowners planting new woodland

The latest stage of the Forestry Commission’s Woodland Carbon Guarantee aims to encourage the development of natural carbon sinks

City of York Council sets out proposals to create new community woodland

The local authority says the new initiative could see 50,000 trees planted by 2023

Can AI unlock forest secrets in the battle against climate change?

Smart sensors in forests could help give us a picture of their health and ability to capture carbon, says foldAI

Nestlé to plant three million trees in Amazon to mitigate environmental impact

Beginning in March 2020, the retail giant will start planting trees in Brazil and Mexico to drive towards net zero

Government awards funding to plant 50,000 trees to support net zero goal

Planting more trees is crucial in the fight against climate change as they store carbon and can help make towns and cities more resilient