Nestlé to plant three million trees in Amazon to mitigate environmental impact

Beginning in March 2020, the retail giant will start planting trees in Brazil and Mexico to drive towards net zero

Government awards funding to plant 50,000 trees to support net zero goal

Planting more trees is crucial in the fight against climate change as they store carbon and can help make towns and cities more resilient

Wates Group targets zero carbon operations by 2025

The company has also pledged to reduce and eliminate waste from onsite operations during the same period

The National Trust promises huge woodland expansion over next decade

To celebrate its 125th anniversary the Trust has announced plans to plant 20 million trees by 2030 to create 18,000 hectares of new woodland in the UK

Stryker’s initiative keeps single-use medical devices out of landfill

The medical technology firm donated more than 9,000 trees in 2018 to the Coconino National Forest in Arizona following the customer collection efforts

Yorkshire Water pledges to plant 250,000 trees by 2020

The water company previously set a goal of planting one million tress across the UK and said it is putting the environment at the forefront of its plans

Amazon deforestation ‘could be slowed by planting bean trees’

The University of Exeter claims the trees would also have the benefit of helping smallholders make a living

Could urban trees mean we can leaf air conditioning emissions behind?

New research released by the Forestry Commission suggests green spaces and plants within towns and cities can reduce air temperatures by up to 4°C

London becomes the world’s first National Park City

Mayor Sadiq Khan will co-sign the London National Park City Charter today, which matches the long term goals in the Environment Strategy

Earth ‘could support nearly a billion additional hectares of trees’

Acting as a carbon sink, these forests could potentially cut the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by about a quarter