NASA maps how much carbon is stored in trees

Results show that 840m more tonnes of carbon is being absorbed than previously thought

Global warming sees trees grow for extra month

Leaves remain on trees today for 15% longer than they did in the 19th century, a study has found

Trees to be chopped down for electric buses in Cambridge

The decision has faced backlash for its damage to biodiversity

‘Online passports have saved almost 2,000 trees’

This is from switching to paperless applications, data claims

‘UK trees absorb double the carbon we thought’

That’s the view of scientists who have looked into how much is stored in branches and trunks

EU bans goods linked to deforestation

New checks will now be in place before items are imported onto the continent – to understand their impact on forestry

EU deforestation laws ‘burdensome’ says Canadian Ambassador

She has been slammed for stating the rules could hinder trade between the country and the continent

‘GFANZ companies investing in sectors linked with deforestation’

This is to the tune of $8.5bn according to new research

The science behind biomass…

Tune into this week’s Net Hero Podcast to learn about what biomass is from a scientific perspective

‘Making cities green havens can cap global warming’

Planting trees and de-paving can stop the rise in temperatures, scientists claim