Homes near new pylons to receive £1,000 energy bill discount

Under proposed government plans, households in close proximity to new pylons and substations could receive a £1,000 annual reduction in their energy bills for ten years

Call for stamp duty cut to boost energy efficiency

Think tanks advocate for a ‘Rebate to Renovate’ scheme, offering a stamp duty rebate to incentivise homeowners to enhance the energy efficiency of their properties

‘UK seeks financial backing from banks for North Sea oil projects’

Major financial institutions, including Barclays, Lloyds, NatWest have reportedly been invited by the Treasury for discussions aimed at revitalising investments in North Sea oil and gas ventures

Failure to achieve net zero could double costs

The UK’s budget watchdog has highlighted the need for decisive action to mitigate reliance on carbon-intensive sources

Boiler Upgrade Scheme struggles in first year

Government data reveals that the scheme failed to meet its target, providing only half of the planned 30,000 grants in England and Wales

Will the UK grant green status to nuclear power?

The move seeks to drum up more investment in the sector to improve domestic energy resilience

Energy subsidies for UK businesses slashed

The government has confirmed it will offer less help with business energy bills – the new scheme provides a discount on energy bills until March 2024

UK poised to slash business energy bill support by 85%

The new package, due to be revealed later this week, will reportedly cost £5 billion

Nuclear power plant
Is the UK plotting budget cuts to boost its nuclear power dreams?

The Treasury is reportedly reviewing the government spending on projects such as roads, rail and schools

‘Insulating homes this winter could be cost neutral’

Research claims the Treasury could break even if it invests in insulating rooves and walls this winter