Business Aviation pledge for industry to hit net zero by 2050

Industry leaders added to environmental targets made in 2009 to increase fuel efficiency and achieve carbon-neutrality at a carbon-neutral convention held by the NBAA

Virgin Atlantic sets new carbon targets to reach net zero by 2050

It is targeting a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2040 and looking to increase its use of SAF to 10% by the end of this decade

AFC Energy to provide hydrogen fuel cells for ‘world’s first’ electric urban airport

The airport will be unveiled in Coventry next year, with zero-emission vehicles and planes

Riga Airport commits to achieving net zero by 2050

It plans to build its first solar park and restore its buildings to make them more energy efficient

Sydney Airport sets course for net zero by 2030

It has pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy and transition to zero-emission fleets

LATAM Airlines commits to carbon-neutrality by 2050

It aims to do so by introducing sustainable fuels and new aviation technologies by 2035 and by offsetting 50% of its domestic emissions by 2030

Lufthansa announces new sharkskin tech to help it become climate-neutral by 2050

It aims to equip its entire Boeing 777 freighter fleet with the technology by 2022, claiming it will reduce carbon emissions by 11,700 tonnes per year

JetBlue commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2040

The airline has set environmental targets and aims to reduce its direct emissions using sustainable fuels, recyclable plastics and the introduction of more electric service vehicles

Auction house Christie’s pledges to become net zero by 2030

It is committing to a 50% reduction in its carbon emissions, achieving 90% diversion from landfill for its waste and providing all clients with packaging and printed material that is 100% recyclable

South Korea backs its first zero emissions ferry

The electric ferry represents progress towards the nation’s pledge to reach net zero by 2050