Government launches £20m hydrogen competition

The money will be given to businesses and innovators looking at easier ways to implement hydrogen into the energy mix

‘Hydrogen to be same price as diesel eight years early’

That’s if the predicted potential of a company’s invention is to be believed

India to see hydrogen-powered trains next year

That’s according to Union Railways Minister, who says 72 trains are currently in production

The knowledge: Can black cabs become green?

Riding around London in purely electric black cabs is not just a possibility, it’s becoming the norm…

Electric school buses offer class support to grid

Batteries of electric school buses can provide a powerful resource for any grid, says Duncan McIntyre, Chief Executive of Highland Electric Fleets

Snap! Could crabs make EV batteries more sustainable?

Scientists say a chemical found in crab and lobster shells could help with EV recycling

Moroccan renewables to power UK homes

Your home could be powered by energy 15,000km away…

The Carbon Column – Road transport: which direction?

In post I focus on the dark side of lithium, a metal that could be more harmful than helpful

Northern Ireland fuels a greener future with E10 petrol rollout

E10 petrol will be the new standard grade of petrol, blended with up to 10% renewable ethanol, from 1st November 2022

Polestar working on batteries for electric boats

The deal is a first of its kind between the automotive and marine sectors