E.ON offers EV funding for fleets

E.ON has entered into an agreement with Horizon Energy Ventures to provide funding solutions for EV charging infrastructure services aimed at fleet customers

France bans short-haul flights

The ban has been made to cut emissions and fight climate change

Is the UK close to finalising deal for JLR EV battery gigafactory?

Talks between the government and Jaguar Land Rover owner Tata are reportedly in advanced stages, with a deal to build a multi-billion pound gigafactory in Somerset

MPs slam government’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars

The government’s proposal is facing opposition from MPs due to concerns about the lack of charging infrastructure and the high cost of EVs

Moroccan renewable project for the UK secures £30m

Close to 8% of the UK’s electricity needs will be supplied by the project by 2030, with 3.6GW of renewable electricity generated

Net zero fuels derail UK train services

The implementation of green fuels has reportedly been held responsible for severely reducing rail connections between London and Salisbury, as well as Exeter

Audi EV sales jump by 43% in 2023

It is expected to sell more than 100,000 EVs this year

‘Road plans will stop net zero target’

Groups claim that new roads will lead to more pollution from vans and hybrid cars, which were previously overlooked

Net zero transport upgrades set to drive £52bn productivity surge by 2030

To meet the 2030 emissions target, experts say that a reduction in overall car mileage of no less than 20% will be required

Trees to be chopped down for electric buses in Cambridge

The decision has faced backlash for its damage to biodiversity