‘EVs are not ready to replace all cars in Australia,’ says Toyota boss

“What EV do we have right now on sale in Australia that can tow 2.5 tonnes for 600km? We don’t. It doesn’t exist,” the sales boss has said

Chinese EV maker says only 10 firms will survive electric revolution

To compete, the company is looking to produce 3m cars per year

Toyota and Exxon partner for ‘low carbon’ petrol engines

They claim the fuel blends that the cars could use would produce 75% less carbon emissions than regular petrol

Toyota CEO wants to go all-in on hydrogen

That’s despite many other carmakers already making the pledge to EVs

Is Hybrid the future?

Toyota will start production in the UK for its fifth-generation electric powertrain

Toyota builds 1MW hydrogen system for US Department of Energy

The $6.5m project is being funded by the DOE and could be operational within three years

Hydrogen-powered BMW set for market in 2025

Toyota is working with the German company to build the powertrain

Toyota EVs recalled after loose wheel concerns

Around 2,700 have been taken back after bolts were found to be loose in the wheels

Toyota to go racing with liquid hydrogen

It is looking to take motorsports to the next level with e-fuels

First Japanese hydrogen train hits tracks

The ¥4bn train can travel up to 60mph on hydrogen