Supersize batteries to power wastewater treatment plant in UK with stored clean energy

The 2MW batteries – each equivalent to the size of a shipping container – will grant an around-the-clock solar power supply to the plant

Yorkshire Water employs new technology to detect water leaks

UK-based Invenio Systems will loan 50 Stop.Watch loggers to the water company to help detect leaks remotely

‘UK to witness 28.2m tonne drop in transport emissions due to lockdown’

A new study suggests as more than 97% of UK residents stay at home over a 12-week period, emissions will sharply drop across a number of sectors

IONITY officially opens new EV rapid chargers in Leeds

The Leeds Skeleton Lake Services has been outfitted with six 350kW chargers that allow commuters to fully-charge in less than 20 minutes

Birmingham Energy Institute to develop new energy business incubator space

Businesses that sign up for the space will drive ‘transformational’ change in the production and use of renewable energy and heat

Yorkshire Water commences smart water network pilot

The project aims to help prioritise repairs, reduce leaks and end supply interruptions