Chinese EV maker says only 10 firms will survive electric revolution

To compete, the company is looking to produce 3m cars per year

Tesla sets new EV delivery record

For the first three months of this year, it revealed more than 420,000 EVs were delivered

‘Real EV ranges are 20% lower than carmakers claim’

That’s the claim made in a new study that tested more than 70 EVs

Tesla slashes EV prices again

The Model S has fallen by $5,000 and the Model X has dropped by $10,000

Tesla producing 4,000 EVs a week in Germany

This is three weeks earlier than originally planned

‘Tesla cutting prices kills EV confidence,’ says Renault Chief

“This is destroying value for the customer,” Luca De Meo said

More than 360k self-driving Teslas recalled due to crash fears

This is after the self-driving software was deemed unsafe for public roads in the US

‘Searches for EVs rose by 113% in 2022’

This is compared with engagement from 2021

Finnish start-up Cactos raises €2.5m for second-life Tesla batteries

It has developed a way to give old Tesla batteries new life by turning them into smart energy storage units

Two people left dead after ‘uncontrollable’ Tesla speeds through Chinese streets

The driver claims the brake pedal would not respond after he tried to park the electric car