‘Much of England to suffer from water stress by 2040’

Water stress is when there is more demand than what’s readily available

Spain breaks temperature records for April

The country experienced 38.8°C on Thursday, eclipsing any temperature for April since records began

Deadly African drought ‘not possible’ without climate change

Scientists state that rising greenhouse gas emissions made this crippling drought 100 times more likely

Sea surface hits new record temperatures

Last month’s sea surface temperatures was 13.8°C higher than the average across 1981 – 2011

Spanish wildfires grow with climate change

Spain was responsible for 35% of all burned land from wildfires across Europe in 2022

Mountain plants set to be the next climate victim?

Researchers claim rising temperatures are leading to less snowfall, which certain species rely on to survive

Glaciers melting quicker than previously thought

Cracks and crevasses are susceptible to changing sea temperatures, scientists find

Shooting moon dust to save Earth?

Scientists have come up with an idea of using moon dust to block global warming

‘El Niño and extreme heat to return in 2023’

The year could be one of the hottest ever recorded, scientists warn

‘Skiing in doubt’, says WMO

This is after record temperatures in Europe of more than 20°C in the New Year