The benefits & importance of smart pre-payment meters

With the increasing focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, smart meters are being hailed as an essential tool in achieving these goals

Leaked document claims Chinese spy balloon uses solar to power data collection

The document states that it had 10KW of solar capacity on board – similar to what would be found on a regular rooftop array

Heat pump tech company bags €15M to expand to UK

It has developed a digital platform to connect heat pump producers with local networks

The Carbon Column – A final thought

This is my final column, a time to reflect on the need for large scale change following the release of the AR6 Synthesis Report

Capturing carbon from the air and storing it in the sea?

This technique captures up to three times more carbon than current methods, researchers claim

Bill Gates: ‘UK has all ingredients needed to be net zero’

The country can become a leader in the field, the billionaire businessman told Rishi Sunak

AI waste sorting robots raise additional $17m in funding

The new investment will support the waste robotics startup’s vision for more sustainable waste management practices

T-Mobile makes net zero by 2040 pledge

It has had its emissions reduction targets verified by the SBTi

‘Digital is not here to take people’s jobs’

It’s here to help you along the way – but how?

Samsung Electronics splashing $5bn on net zero aim

It is looking to reach net zero by 2050