Developing activities that contribute to society’s carbon neutrality

Carbon storage is a key factor to achieve carbon neutrality in the second half of the 21st century. We are developing businesses with a focus on preserving and restoring ecosystems that act as carbon sinks and on CCUS technology

Sony looks to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2040

It has brought this target forward 10 years

Phones overtaken by EVs as top cobalt demand

By 2026, the automotive industry could account for half of global cobalt demand

Apple hires Ford executive to spearhead EV drive

It is looking to kickstart an electric autonomous car project

Samsung TVs certified for carbon reduction

The Carbon Trust has recognised the drop off in emissions in the product

Boris Johnson announces £1bn deals for green tech with India

These include software, electric transport and renewable energy

Self-driving cars get government backing

Changes to the Highway Code have been made, meaning autonomous cars could hit roads as early as the end of this year

Scotland to spend £5m on carbon utilisation tech

Carbon dioxide will be turned into products like synthetic fuels

Government pumps £400m into hydrogen business

Johnson Matthey will receive the loan, which is the largest for any hydrogen-focused UK company

WWF signs deal for sustainable laptops

The charity has ordered in 510 remanufactured laptops to cut its carbon footprint