New £40m fund aims to ‘supercharge’ journey to net zero

The newly-announced Clean Growth Fund aims to help start-ups develop solutions across the power, transport, waste and building efficiency sectors

Intel pledges to reach 100% renewable energy use and zero waste by 2030

In its new corporate responsibility strategy, the brand pledges to invest in reducing its environmental footprint – it has already reduced its scope 1 and 2 emissions by 31% since 2000

Yorkshire Water employs new technology to detect water leaks

UK-based Invenio Systems will loan 50 Stop.Watch loggers to the water company to help detect leaks remotely

Flowbird launches EV charging and parking payment solution

The new project enables local authorities to roll out an EV charging programme using their existing parking terminals and payment systems

CCS technologies ‘will prove integral to reaching net zero’, says think tank

A new study highlights the need to ‘conceptualise the full potential and multifaceted value of CCS’ in order to bring benefits to global communities

Swedish startup to offset CO2 emissions using direct air capture technology

A new plant will extract up to 65 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, representing the estimated carbon footprint the company had during 2019 

HP announces ‘world’s most sustainable PC portfolio’

The company nows sells 306 products made of environmentally-friendly materials across more than 19 countries.

Stafford students’ innovation wins Energy Institute climate change award

The winners designed the ‘Blu Pipe’ drainpipe generator, a small-scale power generation device able to create power as water flows down it

Tech giant Tesla applies for licence to generate power in the UK

The firm announced it has made the necessary application to the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority

Logitech and Nestlé fund research into sustainable materials

The companies are leading a consortium to fund breakthrough research into sustainable materials with five million Swiss francs (£4.4m)