Lights and lasers could ‘slash emissions by three billion tonnes per year’

A new report suggests photonics, which refers to the technical deployment of light, is a required technology in many efficient, environmentally-friendly resources, products and processes

The Hummer is back – and this time, it’s an EV

General Motors has announced the return of the series, which previously ended production in 2010

Big business and green movement ‘are totally compatible’

Mike Hughes, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK & Ireland believes the UK’s 2050 net zero goal is a ‘hugely ambitious step’ and it gives businesses a focus on where to invest

Energy technologies
Most technologies and sectors ‘not keeping pace with long-term energy goals’

The International Energy Agency suggests many types of energy asset are not adequately working towards tackling climate change and delivering energy access

Battery sector ‘to attract $1.2tn of investment by 2040’

Bloomberg New Energy Finance expects this to cause a significant boom in the technology

ELF 2018: Reducing energy costs biggest challenge for 38% of large power users

The event attracted large energy users with more than £2bn of energy spend

The future of Triads and network charges

KiWi Power suggests the days of Triad and DNUoS charges appear to be numbered

MPs: All energy tech should compete in single auction for low cost power

The UK Government should allow all technologies to compete in a single, “technology-neutral” auction to supply electricity at the lowest possible cost to consumers. That’s the suggestion from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee (EAC), which believes consumers may be paying “unnecessarily high costs” to meet the UK’s interim carbon budget targets. The carbon […]

Head shot of Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark smiling
Greg Clark: UK energy system seeing ‘intense tech innovation’

The energy system is experiencing “intense technological innovation” to help deliver reliable, clean and cheap power. That’s according to Business, Energy and Industrial Secretary Greg Clark, who was speaking at the Energy UK conference in London yesterday. Mr Clark highlighted the government’s commitment to new energy technologies from demand side to smart meters as they […]

$20m to take energy techs from labs to market

The US has launched a $20 million (£13.6m) fund to help take energy technologies from the labs to the market. The money from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) will boost the development of technologies with commercial potential and help strengthen links between labs and private sector companies. Laboratories can apply for a share of […]