Net zero plans in place – but what do they mean?

Businesses making net zero commitments are not following them up with tangible planning

Manchester invests £227m into 2038 net zero target

Funding has come from the council itself, the government, partners and the EU

Norway steps up 2030 emissions reduction target

The government has also committed to present annual climate action plans that will set out how the nation intends to achieve its goals

F1 turbo-charges net zero plan

It has implemented various changes to the operations of races to cut carbon

Singapore looks to bring forward net zero target

It is now considering a 2050 net zero target and more ambitious carbon reduction measures

Devon Council ‘on course’ for net zero pre-2030

This would see a 70% cut in emissions, with the remaining 30% offset

PG&E claims net zero by 2040 – but won’t give up natural gas

The US utility claims it will remove more carbon than it emits by this milestone

Vanguard pledges $290bn assets to net zero by 2050

Remaining $5tn under its management is not included in the target

Sony looks to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2040

It has brought this target forward 10 years

Target launches first net zero energy store in California

The Vista store will generate more renewable energy than it needs annually to operate and will test multiple innovations to reduce the building’s emissions