Citroen CEO says EVs will end SUVs

This is as larger batteries could mean larger taxes, he explains

California bans sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035

The new rule requires 100% of new car sales in the state to be zero-emission

GM invests $154m into EV production facility

It will renovate the site to produce electric motors for SUVs and trucks

SUV sales rocketed by 35m in 2021

This led to a 120m tonne increase in carbon emissions reveals a new IEA report

SUV drivers ‘could save nearly 9m tonnes of CO2 a year by switching to EVs’

Only half of the SUV drivers consider currently making the switch, according to new research

Calls to ban SUVs as carbon-intensive cars clog city streets

The New Weather Institute says SUV advertising should be banned, in much the same way tobacco advertising has been outlawed in the interest of public health

Ford to increase electric vehicle spending to $22bn by 2025

President and CEO Jim Farley said the company is ‘all in and will not cede ground to anyone’ in developing and delivering connected EVs and services