Canada’s CIBC aims for net zero emissions by 2050

The financial services company has also made a commitment to mobilising sustainable finance to a target of $300bn by 2030

Citi pledges $1tn to sustainable finance by 2030

It intends to finance and facilitate a wide array of climate solutions, including renewable energy, clean technology, water conservation, green buildings and sustainable agriculture and land use

Paragon issues sub-ordinated green bonds worth £150m

The proceeds of the bond will be allocated to green loans incentivising landlords to mitigate the impacts of climate change

Bank of Montreal aims for net zero emissions in lending by 2050

It has also set a new target to reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, compared to a 2019 baseline, using science-based approaches

Goldman Sachs commits to net zero emissions by 2030

The investment bank has also pledged to net zero financed emissions by 2050

Association of Serbian Banks joins Sustainable Banking Network

The Network consists of 41 member countries, representing around $43tn or 86% of the total banking assets in emerging markets, aiming to transform their financial sectors towards sustainability

Green bonds surpass $100bn milestone in first half of 2019

Climate Bonds expects the impact of the EU’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance will help open the 2020s path toward the first trillion in annual green finance investment

EU appoints members of Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance

It consists of 35 members from civil society, academia, business and the finance sector

Banking giant commits $200bn in sustainable financing

Wells Fargo will provide half of the funding for projects that directly support the low carbon transition

Emerging economies ‘making significant progress in green lending’

Emerging markets have become a “major force” in driving climate change with reforms to expand sustainable lending. That’s according to the Sustainable Banking Network, an International Finance Corporation (IFC)-supported organisation of banking regulators and associations, which suggests 34 countries have initiated banking reforms. They account for $42.6 trillion (£31tn) in bank assets – more than […]