Business Aviation pledge for industry to hit net zero by 2050

Industry leaders added to environmental targets made in 2009 to increase fuel efficiency and achieve carbon-neutrality at a carbon-neutral convention held by the NBAA

Lufthansa first customer of carbon-neutral and electricity-based aviation fuel

The airline has committed to buying 25,000 litres of the fuel each year for the next five years

Shell to produce 2m tonnes of SAF by 2025

It has pledged to ramp up production to accelerate the aviation industry’s journey to net zero

British Airways launches first carbon-neutral flight to Glasgow ahead of COP26

The flight was powered by sustainable aviation fuel made from recycled cooking oil

Delta Airlines to invest $1bn in becoming ‘world’s first carbon-neutral airline’

It has launched a new campaign to advocate more environmental action and set new science-based targets

Repsol produces ‘Spain’s first’ plane biofuel from waste

The batch consists of 5,300 tonnes of sustainable plane fuel, which Repsol claims will avoid up to 300 tonnes of carbon emissions

‘First’ net zero charter flights take off

The planes travelled from Stuttgart to Atlanta, powered by sustainable fuel

Rolls-Royce and Shell in sustainable aviation fuel push towards net zero

They aim to progress the use of sustainable aviation fuel and explore opportunities to provide decarbonisation solutions to meet their targets to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

New Sustainable Skies Act to promote transition to greener aviation fuel

It would establish a blender’s tax credit for SAF, which is expected to spur the production of SAF and help the US airline industry to reach its goal of eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050

Sydney Airport sets course for net zero by 2030

It has pledged to switch to 100% renewable energy and transition to zero-emission fleets