“We are so far beyond living sustainably”

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to environmentalist, Julia Hailes, who says we need to work with, not against businesses to go green

Climate pressures mount in the Global South

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Mahin Khan who tackles with Pakistan’s sustainability crisis

Why Carbon Removals are an essential component in sustainability strategies

Net zero targets need direct action and diverse solutions. Here’s why carbon dioxide removals need to be in the action plan for your organisation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals

Asda goes vertical

The supermarket chain has unveiled a fresh lineup of salad products cultivated in vertical farms

Brewers embrace sustainability, says expert

We spoke to beer expert Roland Pahl-Dobrick in this weeks Net Hero Podcast who told us current methods of beer filtration are unsustainable

Tesco introduces clear caps to boost milk bottle recycling

Tesco is introducing new clear caps on its own brand milk bottles, replacing the coloured plastic caps with clear alternatives on around 425 million bottles each year

Hunting for hot spots: The role of Life Cycle Analysis in decarbonising manufacturing supply chains

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has been around for more than half a century, beginning in the 1960s, when heightened environmental consciousness led to increased scrutiny around issues like resource and energy efficiency, pollution, and solid waste

‘Grouse shooting has environmental benefits’

A new study suggests grouse moor management benefits the UK, positively affecting agriculture, tourism, human and animal health and carbon sequestration and flood control

‘UK must tackle the deficit in green job skills’

New study suggests UK government needs to invest in green job campaigns

“Cyber attackers don’t care if you are trying to save the earth”

At the Big Zero Show, Detective Superintendent, Vanessa Eyles, said net zero efforts are in danger without cybersecurity