SSE Energy Solutions spearheads community initiative to help 4,500 SMEs kickstart the journey to net zero and beyond

SSE Energy Solutions is leading a campaign designed to help Local Authorities kickstart the journey to net zero and beyond for SMEs.

The Carbon Column – More sustainable ‘Porn Stars’

In this article I share a story from Revolution Bars and how they reduced carbon of one of their best sellers

Skidmore tells investors to ignore fracking

He is calling for the government to push renewable investment and avoid reliance on other nations for energy production

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Engaging employees with the environment can happen with some simple steps in any organisation

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Where’s the carbon emissions in water – and why businesses should care

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Starmer looks to hit net zero by 2030 if elected

He has slammed the current government’s decision to boost fossil fuels and fracking

Water Plus Water Week podcast: Why is water important to take a closer look at in your organisation

From shops to manufacturers and industry, there are opportunities for efficiency and utility cost gains from looking more at water use

Admiral Taverns pledges to serve £1m for energy efficient pubs

The community pub group has identified cellar management systems and fridge managers as two of the most effective measures to help preserve energy

E-commerce tracking firm Route debuts carbon-neutral shipping initiative

It aims to help neturalise harmful emissions caused by the shipping industry

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In this article I touch on degrowth, a concept born in the 1970s that is starting to gain more traction