‘The more people have to change lifestyles for climate action, the less they support it’

This is despite an average of 70% of Europeans stating that climate change is a worry for them

‘Half the public now make low carbon choices’

Climate change is a key driver in these decisions, with 76% of Brits believing that human action plays a role in extreme weather

The Carbon Column – Sustainability is more than net zero

In this article I address the wider term of sustainable development that is often forgotten

Less than half the world deem climate change a ‘serious threat’

The Ukraine War, cost-of-living crisis and COVID-19 are now all considered more immediate threats

Three-quarters of Brits want low carbon alternative to gas

Given the cost of heat pump installations, many back hydrogen as the way to decarbonise their homes

‘Most people think climate policy will improve their quality of life’

A new survey has revealed the world’s thoughts on the green transition and how it will impact their lives

Three-quarters of people want single-use plastics banned

That’s according to a new survey that also found a heavy majority would like to see an international treaty put in place to stop plastic waste

Half of Brits unaware of ‘biodiversity’

A study has shown the public don’t know what the term means with most considering it to be the government’s responsibility

Climate change tops chart of Brits’ concerns

Worry about climate recorded its highest-ever score, according to new poll

Less than half of Brits care about what’s going on at COP26

A new study has found that only 46% of the country are paying attention to the climate summit, with some people even thinking it’s taking place in London