SBTi launching net zero standard for finance

It claims its paper will provide the clarity needed to the financial sector to hit net zero by 2050

‘The future Net Zero Standard is ideal to help busy businesses get started on delivering net zero’

That’s the suggestion from Inteb’s Jamie Flanagan, who spoke to us about the tool’s effectiveness in giving businesses from across all industries a way to record where they are in terms of their carbon footprint

‘The future Net Zero Standard is fast becoming the go-to accreditation for the SME sector’

That’s the suggestion from Siân Haynes, Key Account Manager at Jutton Associates Limited, who spoke to us about the vital role of the intuitive and simple-to-use tool

‘SMEs need to get the ball rolling on their net zero journey’

That’s the suggestion from Tim Ross, Head of Account Management at Advantage Utilities, who spoke to us about why he supports the future Net Zero Standard