Newcastle International Airport announces 16MW solar farm plans

This follows its pledge to achieve net zero by 2035 and its purchase of a brand new fleet of EVs

EDP funds solar projects in five African countries

The funding is provided through the A2E fund and will support projects in Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda and Malawi

‘UK’s solar sector will double by 2030 – but to hit net zero it needs to triple’

The industry body claims 40GW of solar capacity must be in place by 2030 if the UK is to remain on target to reach net zero by 2050

Facebook and RWE team up to build 150MW solar plant

Facebook will use 110MW the plant’s capacity to power its data centre operations in Tennessee

Veolia set to double its delivery of renewable energy

The capacity of its solar projects, combined with biomass and biogas generation, will provide 134MW of carbon-neutral power to industry and communities

Agreement made for 230MW solar plant in Azerbaijan

The plant is estimated to cost close to $200m and reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions by 35%

Budweiser beer brewed using 100% renewable sources in UK

It has built two solar farms and a wind turbine since 2018 and is now able to generate enough renewable electricity in the UK to also power its other brands such as Stella Artois, Corona, Bud Light and Becks

Cambridgeshire County Council announces new framework to reach net zero by 2050

It will invest £80m over the next four years to boost EVs, energy efficiency and low carbon heating solutions

Solar now makes real business sense – cut your energy costs and drive a green recovery

Chris Hewett, CEO of Solar Energy UK, said the cost of solar is now a ‘real positive’ for businesses looking for green growth

Construction industry backs ‘National Retrofit Strategy’

The strategy calls for the government to invest an initial £5.3bn to help kickstart the retrofit market