UK residential solar PV installations to increase to over 450k a year by 2030

The growth will be driven by increased electrification through greater use of heat pumps and electric vehicles, according to a report

Global solar PV supplies are over-concentrated in China, says IEA

China holds currently almost 80% share in all the key manufacturing stages of solar panels, according to a report

French investment company banks €633m for solar assets

This represents 4x what it invested originally more than a decade ago

UK council to discuss ‘very significant’ concerns over solar farm proposals

Plans for a large solar farm are seriously flawed, Suffolk County Council has said

London firms to get funding for employee training on low carbon tech

Businesses can now apply for grants of up to £1,000 to train their employees on solar technologies

Renewables, a class act!

Technology previously used in large-scale wind farms promises to offer decarbonisation solutions for schools

IEA: “Countries must triple renewable energy investment by 2030 to fight climate change”

In its flagship report, the IEA estimates nearly $4 trillion needs to be invested by 2030 to get the world on track for 1.5°C

Solar is in the British Army now!

Centrica has delivered what is claimed to be British Army’s first solar farm

London hospital sends CO2 emissions to ER

Vital Energi will deploy an energy solution at Northwick Park Hospital that promises annual savings of £1.9m