Bay View: Google opens all-electric, sustainable campus in Silicon Valley

The campus has been draped with a ‘first-of-its-kind’ dragonscale solar skin that consists of a total of 90,000 silver solar panels across all four buildings

Vistra switches on 50MW solar energy facility in Texas

It consists of more than 147,000 solar panels that can generate enough electricity to power around 25,000 homes

Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia goes green

It is claimed to have become the first place of worship in the world to be awarded the final certification under the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) system

Fresh £14.9m funding to boost energy efficiency in homes in the Midlands

Homes will initially be upgraded with insulation and double glazing, followed by potential solar panels and heat pumps installations

Vattenfall opens Dutch solar, wind and battery energy park

Energypark Haringvliet consists of six wind turbines, 115,000 solar panels and a large battery of 12 containers, with all three technologies sharing the same grid

Could solar panels and smart meters hold the key to rising energy bills?

British online searches for solar panels and smart meters have increased exponentially, according to eBay

Target launches first net zero energy store in California

The Vista store will generate more renewable energy than it needs annually to operate and will test multiple innovations to reduce the building’s emissions

Spanish packaging firm Hinojosa lent €20m to unbox green solutions

The company will make investments in eight of its existing production plants

DHL seeks to cut emissions by deploying solar panels on EV fleet

A total of 67 medium and heavy-duty trucks will be equipped with solar technology, which is expected to cut carbon emissions by 1,000kg per year for each vehicle

Council supercharges its net zero journey with £38m

Bath and North East Somerset will invest in new recycling facility and green vehicle fleet