Tesco launches partnership to build three solar farms to support 2035 net zero goal

The solar farms in Essex, Anglesey and Oxfordshire are expected to generate enough energy to power more than 44,800 homes

Salford City Council moves forward with plans for new solar and hydroelectric projects

The projects are forecast to collectively generate enough energy to power more than 600 homes

Two solar farms to provide 33 Cambridge colleges with 80% of their energy

A total of 131 sites will be connected to the two projects, which have a combined capacity of 35MW

University of Edinburgh to save £200k in annual energy costs with new solar farm installation

The solar project is predicted to provide 15% of the electricity consumption of one of the university’s campuses

Warrington Borough Council to launch green community bond

The scheme aims to raise funds for the development of a new solar farm in Circencester

Melbourne Airport powers four passenger terminals with new solar farm

The solar installation is forecast to generate nearly 15% of the airport’s annual electricity consumption

Wind and solar farm to power Apple’s data centre in Oregon

When combined, the two projects can generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than 60,000 homes

Australian University reaches 100% renewables with AUD$125m solar farm

The project at the University of Queensland can produce 160GWh every year, which is the equivalent of powering more than 25,000 households

Exeter City Council to electrify operations with new solar farm and battery storage project

The plant, which will be built on an inactive landfill site, is expected to help the region become net zero by 2030

Hawke’s Bay moves closer to becoming New Zealand’s net zero airport with planned solar project

The airport has entered a joint venture to develop a commercial solar farm with a total capacity of 10MW