Rooftop solar installations hit record 97MW high in last quarter

Rooftop solar constituted more than 90% of all solar PV deployed

McDonald’s and eBay partner with Lightsource bp for US solar farm

The multinational giants have signed corporate power purchase agreements to power part of their US operations with solar

‘Net zero by 2050? Not even close, with current energy infrastructure delivery’

Solar projects covering an area equivalent of 260 Tokyo Olympic stadiums would need to be built in the US every week from now until 2050 to help the country reach net zero, according to a new report

UK Coal Authority turns to solar energy for mine water treatment

Projections have estimated the project can reduce energy use significantly and drive down electricity costs by around £25,000 a year

Consumers Energy plans to end coal use by 2025

Its updated Clean Energy Plan is expected to help reduce carbon emissions by more than 63m tons – equivalent to taking 12.4m passenger vehicles off the road for one year

Honda and JAXA team up for renewable energy system for space

The ‘circulative renewable energy system’ would provide oxygen, hydrogen and electricity to human outposts for an extended period of time

Norway’s Scatec to inject £8.4bn in renewables by 2025

The energy company has committed to expanding the total capacity of its portfolio to 15GW in the next four years

BMW turns to Dubai desert sunshine to produce aluminium

The ‘world’s largest’ solar park will power aluminium production operations

Samsung unveils solar-powered remotes for entire TV line in 2021

The initiative is predicted to avoid the use of 99 million AAA batteries over seven years

Community hub in Manchester goes solar to save more than £50k in energy costs every year

The photovoltaic installation at Wythenshawe Forum is forecast to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 121 tonnes every year