SoCalGas to convert 200 more service trucks to renewable natural gas

The latest addition will result in around 44% of its service vehicles running on cleaner fuels

New collaboration announced for innovative hydrogen storage solution

GKH Hydrogen has developed HY2MEGA, which can enable long duration clean energy storage without the need for compression and at scale, the combined technology could provide resilient power in case of outages

SoCalGas starts fleet transition to hydrogen fuel cell EVs

It has taken the delivery of 23 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with plans to expand its fleet to 50 next month

New partnership to demonstrate hydrogen drone for pipeline inspections

The hydrogen-powered drone is capable of monitoring a one-mile-long pipeline in a single flight

Southern California Gas sets out 2045 net zero emissions pledge

By 2035, it aims to operate a 100% zero emission road vehicle fleet and achieve net zero energy for 100% of its buildings