UK new car market grows 21%, private BEV registrations dip

September witnessed a 21% growth in the UK’s new car market, but private registrations of battery electric vehicles declined by 14.3%, new data shows

UK carmakers step up renewable energy generation by 4.7%

This resulted in a total of 46GWh of renewable energy production, which is equivalent to powering up to 767,000 EV batteries annually, according to a report

UK EV market boom: Industry urges VAT cut on public charging

The BEV market grew by 39.4% in June, according to a new industry report

‘Not one HGV electric charger in all of Britain’

That’s according to the SMMT, claiming this will make the 2040 goal to end the sale of new fossil-powered HGVs unachievable

‘EV sales to rise by 500,000’

That’s according to the latest analysis by the SMMT

Used electric car sales hit record in 2022

More than 71,000 second-hand EVs changed hands, the SMMT has revealed

One third of all car sales in December were EVs

BEVs became Britain’s second most popular powertrain for 2022, the SMMT has confirmed

UK’s automotive carbon footprint fell by 11% in 2021

This is the lowest level since records began

Close to 750k EVs hit UK streets

Electric cars now represent one-in-five new vehicle registrations

EVs accounted for 71.5% of January’s car registrations

Diesel car registrations dived 45.8% year-on-year, the SMMT said