Net Hero Podcast – can an alien help save energy?

The founder of the HUGO energy app explains why it’s been so successful in shifting people’s behaviour, so they become more energy conscious

Smart meters – why your business should upgrade now

This week’s podcast is for any business owner that has asked themselves, why should I get a smart meter?

Smart meters
How can smart meter data help the Energy Price Guarantee scheme?

The Energy Price Guarantee is designed to limit the price households pay per unit of gas and electricity they use

WPD unveils project to help grid deal with low carbon demand

Data from smart meters will determine the stress level on the grid and the best times to charge EVs and heat pumps

Smart meters
Smart meter data ‘set for five-fold growth over the next four years’

It is estimated that one billion messages were sent over the national smart meter network in July

How can smart meters contribute to decarbonisation?

The most recent report from the IPCC highlighted the need for businesses across the UK to adopt more environmentally friendly behaviour

Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia goes green

It is claimed to have become the first place of worship in the world to be awarded the final certification under the EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) system

Could solar panels and smart meters hold the key to rising energy bills?

British online searches for solar panels and smart meters have increased exponentially, according to eBay

How smart meters can lead to more efficiency…

A new study reveals that measuring heat loss from homes could be the answer to cutting emissions in buildings

Boosting Confidence in Smart Metering Equipment Through SMDA Testing

Smart technologies have been championed for their ability to empower consumers to take control of their energy bills. However, it is essential that these devices can operate effectively