‘Government says smart could save EV drivers £1,000’

It is looking to make smart charging the norm in 2025

The road to smart homes starts with smart EV charging

It is no longer enough to simply have an EV charger installed on your home – it must be smart

New partnership formed for smart EV charging in Australia

Kaluza will optimise the charging of vehicles for AGL Energy customers at times when energy is cheaper and renewable energy is more readily available

Volkswagen and Energy Web deliver ’24/7 renewable charging’ for EVs

The charger is matched directly with the EV’s real-time electricity consumption and enables drivers to dictate the date and time of charging and the desired level of charge

GSK to transition North American fleet to 100% EVs by 2030

It is part of the pharmaceutical company’s commitment to the EV100 initiative and is partnering with ARI and Enel X to deliver the project

bp plugs in $7m in smart EV charging firm IoTecha

The EV company uses Internet of Things technology to connect charging points with the electricity grid, homes and buildings and enables EV owners to sell unused electricity back to the grid