Single-use plastic bag charge to be doubled to 10p and extended to all retailers across England in April 2021

Small retailers that employ 250 people or less will no longer be exempt from the levy, says the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Aldi scraps baby wipe plastic lids to save 80m pieces of harmful waste

The move forms part of its wider commitment to halve the volume of plastic packaging used by 2025.

‘Government is treating the symptoms, rather than the causes, of plastic pollution’

That’s the suggestion made in a new report from thinktank Green Alliance, which says current approaches “completely fail to deal with the root of the problem”

British Airways ‘to remove 250 million in-flight plastic items during 2020’

The airline is working to replace items such as blanket wrappers, cutlery and headsets with sustainable alternatives

Sodexo cracks down on unrecyclable plastic waste

The food services and facilities management company is phasing out takeaway boxes, plastic cutlery, unrecyclable polystyrene cups and single-use plastic bags

Coffee drinkers blame ‘forgetfulness’ for not using reusable cups

The environmental charity Hubbub has launched a new campaign, Grab Your Cup, to double the use of reusable cups

Coffee cups
Scotland plans to introduce charge for single-use cups

The amount has yet to be confirmed, however, environmental advisers previously suggested a charge of between 20p and 25p

Single-use plastics: Government consults on standards for greener alternatives

It aims to identify gaps and get expert advice on the overall sustainability of bio-based and biodegradable plastic products

Plant-based plastics sprout up with £60m government investment

Along with an expected £149 million investment from the private sector, this money will be used to slash single-use plastic pollution

Nottingham Council pledges to become plastic-free by 2023

The city council plans to reduce the use of plastics at events such as the annual Goose Fair