Sustainable footwear brand LANE EIGHT steps towards 2030 net zero goal

The company develops workout shoes using natural materials such as eucalyptus and algae as well as recycled materials

Adidas launches new low carbon running trainers

The shoes equate to 2.94kg of carbon per pair

Your feet may be different sizes, so why squeeze into a tight pair of shoes?

We spoke with the owner of Vivobarefoot, looking to build shoes that protect the planet and our feet

Footwear brand Crocs walks towards 2030 net zero goal

It is focusing on sustainable ingredients and packaging, investments in resource use and innovative product afterlife solutions as well as transitioning to renewable energy

Converse launches green collection out of recycled cotton waste

The footwear maker has repurposed cotton scraps from its factories to create ‘the most sustainable sneakers’

Asics launches shoe collection made from recycled plastic bottles

The new line features recycled polyester fibres made from a total of around 300,000 PET bottles

Footwear brand adds carbon footprint labels to products

To measure the carbon footprint, the company says it takes into account materials, manufacturing and end-of-life status

Company debuts ‘world’s first shoes made from coffee’

The coffee-made shoes aim to reduce massive methane and carbon dioxide gases that spent coffee grounds emit when discarded and landfilled

Nike unveils its ‘lowest ever carbon footprint’ footwear

The sportswear and fashion company’s ‘Space Hippie’ trainers are made of scraps of material and yarn found on factory floors, as well as various other forms of waste

Environmentally-friendly Chuck Taylors to hit the shelves

Converse is to release models made from recycled plastic bottles, upcycled textiles and reused cotton canvas