WMO: ‘Half of sea level rises linked to glaciers melting’

Climate change has seen the thickness of the world’s glaciers drop by 30m in the last 50 years, the organisation has said

‘New York’s skyscrapers are sinking the city’

Sea levels in the city have risen by 22cm since 1950, linked to both climate change and sinking buildings

‘More than 7tn tonnes of ice has been lost in 30 years’

Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland is to blame for a quarter of the world’s sea level rises, scientists have found

Glaciers melting quicker than previously thought

Cracks and crevasses are susceptible to changing sea temperatures, scientists find

UN Chief: Rising sea levels could see entire countries disappear

Without action “a mass exodus of entire populations” could be on the cards, Mr Guterres said

Egyptian pyramids could be lost to climate change

This could be within the century due to rising sea levels, experts have warned

Scotland announcing funds for climate damages

Nicola Sturgeon has said the country will help vulnerable nations recover from climate impacts

UN: ‘Last 8 years the hottest ever’

Sea level rises have also doubled in the last 30 years, a report has found

Climate change could sink $108bn of US housing

Land the size of New Jersey could be submerged by 2050, a report claims

Oceans have stored 91% of energy caused by climate change in last 50 years

Last year sea levels and ocean temperatures hit new records, scientists reveal