UK Government pours £9m into low carbon distilleries in Scotland

The funding will enable Scotch whisky producers from Orkney to Islay to cut carbon emissions by half a million tonnes every year – equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of Stirling

Aberdeen City Council approves five-year climate change plan

It has pledged to expand connections to existing heat networks, convert its fleet to EVs and implement energy efficient measures in its journey to net zero

H2GO Power trials AI for hydrogen storage technology

Initial results show it has the potential to increase power reliability, allow for the integration of higher levels of renewable energy and help accelerate the shift towards a net zero carbon economy

Seagreen Offshore Windfarm delivers green jobs boost to Port of Nigg

The 1,075MW project will feature 114 wind turbine foundation structures, to be installed in Scotland’s Firth of Forth

FORE Partnership’s new Glasgow office to boast net zero operations

Its ‘Cadworks’ development will be built using predominantly locally-sourced and recycled materials to reduce its environmental footprint

Aberdeen unveils ‘world’s first’ double-decker hydrogen buses

The buses are the first in operation of 139 from the EU’s Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe project

Net zero: Scotland to invest ‘record’ £1.9bn in tackling climate change

It supports Scotland’s ambition towards becoming net zero by 2045

Scotland aims to decarbonise Kirkwall Airport using green hydrogen

The Scottish Government aims for the Highlands and Islands to be the first net zero aviation region in the world by 2040

Scottish Government embarks on ‘green ports’ journey

The Scottish green port model aims to help deliver net zero emissions and fair work principles

Scottish Water installs roof-mounted solar panels at treatment plant

The 174-panel installation is expected to help offset around 16% of the electricity required to operate Campbeltown Water Treatment Works