‘Kids on Christian curriculum textbooks told climate denial’

Researchers state that at least 11 UK schools use this curriculum, which originates from 1970s Texas

NASA maps how much carbon is stored in trees

Results show that 840m more tonnes of carbon is being absorbed than previously thought

Salty solution: Researchers shake things up with affordable CO2 capture

Researchers have found a new way to store carbon dioxide by creating structures made from a special salt

‘More than 7tn tonnes of ice has been lost in 30 years’

Ice loss from Antarctica and Greenland is to blame for a quarter of the world’s sea level rises, scientists have found

‘Antarctic melting could be quicker than scientists thought’

The melting of Antarctica’s ice sheet has already contributed to a nearly one centimetre rise in global sea levels since the 1990s

La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested

Set sail and cut carbon!

Sails that reduce fuel use are being touted as the next environmental solution

‘Net zero is something for politicians to latch onto’

That’s the view who of IPCC Professor Jim Skea – who spoke about the science behind net zero and climate change

Antibiotics created by bacteria in the ocean?

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn how this could be the answer to quashing pharmaceutical emissions

Spy balloons or climate balloons?

Not all balloons should be considered a threat, the WMO warns