Centrica’s £100k grant for schemes tackling climate change

It is offering grants to projects in the north of England that are driving greener futures

Stevenage launches new cycling scheme

It is part of the council’s aims to achieve net zero by 2030

Grants of £10k for Cambridge businesses cutting carbon

The city’s council has announced the new grant scheme to help it achieve net zero by the end of the decade

Apple launches self-repair scheme for products

The scheme will give customers access to tools themselves to fix their damaged iPhone or Mac, without having to travel into Apple stores or simply buy replacements

Ofgem to consult on altering energy price cap

It will open consultations to ensure the cap better represents risks and costs to suppliers

Contact lens being placed in eye
UK eyes its first contact lens recycling scheme

The scheme is a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Vision and recycling firm TerraCycle

Collaboration for Regulation: GridBeyond urges compliance with ADE Flex Assure for industry integrity

Last week, the Association of Decentralised Energy (ADE) published Flex Assure, a voluntary Code of Conduct for DSR providers.

Pakistan commits to planting 10 billion trees… sounds oak-ay

The scheme aims to help reduce the effects of climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide

UK manufacturing and infrastructure gets £19m boost

A new competition is offering up to £19 million to improve growth and productivity across the UK’s manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. The main project aims to improve smart energy technology to add intelligence to physical infrastructure and improve cost, performance, resilience and sustainability. It will do this by paying up to 70% of eligible project […]

End to onshore wind support ‘puts £10m under threat’

The UK Government’s decision to end support for onshore wind could threaten £10 million of investment at a Scottish eco park. The government is scrapping subsidises for new onshore wind projects in April 2016 – a year earlier than expected. Binn Eco Park, a former landfill site, is now home to waste recovery, recycling facilities and an anaerobic digestion plant. […]