British Chambers of Commerce launches new Net Zero Hub

It found almost 64% of businesses – of more than 1,000 surveyed – say they don’t see net zero targets as a ‘high priority’ and one in five don’t fully understand the term ‘net zero’

‘Only 46% of SMEs in the UK are actively working to improve their energy efficiency’

That’s the suggestion from a new survey conducted by Yü Energy, which found less than a fifth of companies have achieved an EPC of B or higher

Majority of consumers ‘still invest in savings accounts or pensions linked to fossil fuels’

Duncan Grierson, CEO and Founder of Clim8 Invest spoke to FNZ about the results of new research, which showed half of the Brits don’t know where their money is invested

British Gas Business: ‘New virtual energy audit service is key to cutting emissions and costs’

That’s the suggestion from Liam Burlinson and Teo Littera who spoke to future Net Zero about the new technology and what it can offer customers

Veolia to work with Rotherham Hospital to slash emissions and energy spend

The Energy Performance Contract is expected to save more than £1 million per year and cut 49,620 tonnes of carbon dioxide, partly through the installation of a new combined heat and power plant

Ireland’s public bodies and schools cut 4.6m tonnes of emissions since 2009

A new report from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland says the sector’s improvements in energy efficiency over the last decade allowed it to make €1.3 billion in energy savings

Nottingham Council gushes about potential savings with self-supply water licence

The council’s Energy Services team will take over responsibility for its water services from 14th August

Welsh Water hopes to make a splash with £440k annual savings

It has signed a three-year contract with Veolia, which is assisting the water company with identifying, delivering and maintaining cost savings

Domestic efficiency measures ‘pay for themselves 12 years faster than renewables’

New research highlights how the average renewable installation, such as rooftop solar panels or mini wind turbines, takes 21 years and three months before it starts to make a saving

Waitrose cuts energy use in its stores by 40% with new fridge tech

The supermarket giant is making the saving by having introduced new open-fronted fridge technology from Wirth Research