UK food waste ‘drops by around a third during coronavirus lockdown’

A new survey conducted by WRAP shows waste levels across ‘key products’ such as potatoes, bread, milk and chicken have fallen by 34% since the start of the quarantine period

INEOS and PLASTIC ENERGY to build new end-to-end plastic recycling facility

The plant will convert plastic waste into virgin polymers to be used as raw material for the medical, automotive and transportation industry

Renewable-focused investment firm announces new waste-to-energy site in UK

Low Carbon’s Kelvin Energy Recovery Facility will utilise 395,000 tonnes of household and business waste to power up to 70,000 UK homes a year

IEA: ‘Organic waste has huge untapped potential to provide clean energy’

A new report suggests as modern societies and economies increasingly produce organic waste, clean energy resources like biogas and biomethane could benefit sustainable development

Mondelēz International joins two schemes to bin plastic waste for good

The confectionary giant is now a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and a member of the UK Plastics Pact

‘More ambition is needed across EU to divert waste from landfill’

A group of waste organisations have stressed the EU must implement measures to prevent the leaking of waste streams suitable for recycling or recovery to large scale landfills

Leeds residents ‘receiving low carbon heat from black bin waste’

The new facility will supply heat for 1,983 council houses and provide enough electricity for 22,000 homes

Coronavirus ‘could see waste accumulate unless industry takes control’

Geminor has called for a joint effort to maintain the management and treatment of waste streams and deal with market challenges in the months to come

‘UK must invest £7.5bn in Plastic Parks over next decade to tackle mountains of waste’

Peel Environmental says such facilities are needed to deal with plastic waste where recycling is not a viable option

Biffa sets out to bin 50% of emissions by 2030

The waste management company’s new sustainability strategy promises to unlock an estimated £1.25bn of investment over the next 10 years in the UK’s green economy