Almost 88% of UK councils ‘don’t recycle eco-friendly polythene bags’

Out of 375 UK councils, the few local authorities that accept them are restricting the colours and material blends that could be recycled, according to a new study

Aldi scraps single-use fruit and veg bags

The supermarket giant expects to save more than 100 tonnes of plastic a year with the move

Sri Lanka sends 21 waste containers back to UK after discovering hazardous contents

Around 260 tonnes of rubbish arrived in the capital city of Columbo between September 2017 and March 2018 – they have now been shipped back to the UK

National Rail gets on track for a circular future with coffee cup recycling scheme

Currently, only 30% of people who buy coffee while travelling recycle their cup properly by using a recycling bin specifically for paper cups

Apple ‘dodges MP’s questions’ about its true sustainability credentials

The tech giant cancelled its appearance at the EAC’s Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy inquiry on short notice and has not answered letters written since

Single-use plastic bag charge to be doubled to 10p and extended to all retailers across England in April 2021

Small retailers that employ 250 people or less will no longer be exempt from the levy, says the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Connected Kerb lands government funding to demonstrate smart metering for EV charging

The EV infrastructure company is working as part of a consortium that includes Octopus Energy, the Energy Saving Trust, Power Networks Distribution Centre and SLS Ltd

Aldi scraps baby wipe plastic lids to save 80m pieces of harmful waste

The move forms part of its wider commitment to halve the volume of plastic packaging used by 2025.

Oxford opens up to electric HGVs with first fleet-suitable rapid charger

ODS, whose frontline staff collect waste and keep the region clean, has deployed the equipment and says it aims to help Oxford become a net zero city

Kleenex wipes up waste by removing plastic on all tissue boxes

The change aims to make recycling easier for customers and is expected to remove 82 tonnes of plastic per year from the supply chain