MOD takes aim at greener future with new roadmap

As part of the UK-wide climate change strategy, the MOD aims to contribute to the UK’s 2050 net zero target by reducing emissions and scaling up the transition to renewable energy

Navy goes fishing for new submarines

  The Royal Navy has revealed concepts for future submarines. The range of designs, which mimic real marine lifeforms, were created by young engineers and scientists from UKNEST, a not-for-profit organisation which promotes science, engineering and technology. Among the designs are a crewed mothership shaped like a manta ray, unmanned eel-like vessels equipped with sensor […]

Royal Navy jacks up air con energy savings

The Royal Navy is about to hoist up its energy savings with upgrades to the air conditioning and heating systems on its warships. HVAC firm E-CO UK was commissioned by engineering firm BAE Systems to improve the air treatment units on 14 British Royal Navy frigates. Air con is needed as many of the Type […]

WW2 mine exploded at offshore wind farm

A bomb disposal team has safely exploded an old World War Two mine on-site at the Greater Gabbard Wind Farm off the coast of Suffolk. Ex-Royal Navy explosive experts at Ramora UK used a Remotely Operated Vehicle to blow up the 680 kilo German ground mine with a controlled explosion. David Welch, Managing Director of […]