Rolls-Royce starts work on ‘world’s largest’ aerospace engine for more efficient flights

The technology is designed to offer a 25% fuel efficiency improvement compared with the company’s first-generation engine

Rolls-Royce and Tecnam team up to deliver all-electric passenger aircraft in 2026

The project will look to cover all elements of developing and delivering an all-electric passenger aircraft that could be used in the Norwegian market from 2026

Rolls-Royce to test 100% sustainable aviation fuel

The tests aim to confirm unblended sustainable aviation fuel makes a significant contribution to improving the environmental performance of gas turbine engines

British restoration firm unveils ‘world’s first’ electric classic Rolls Royce

James Warren, Director of Communications at Lunaz spoke to FNZ about the technology that converts vintage models into zero-emission vehicles

Rolls-Royce launches new unit for innovative and net zero solutions

The Power Lab will concentrate on the development of cutting-edge technologies, with a strong emphasis on fuel cell systems and the production and deployment of synthetic fuels based on renewable energy

Rolls-Royce commits to net zero carbon across its operations by 2030

The car giant plans to use 100% renewable energy and closed-loop techniques on metals to help drive down its environmental impacts

Rolls-Royce plans mini-nuclear reactors for UK by 2029

The firm said the deployment of small modular reactors could make build costs more predictable and affordable, lowering the price of electricity for consumers

Rolls-Royce takes majority holding in energy storage firm Qinous

The British multinational engineering firm’s interest has increased to 73.1%

New Rolls-Royce facility in Bristol to develop cleaner and more efficient jet engines

The composite technology hub will manufacture lighter fan blades and fan cases lowering both fuel consumption and emissions

Rolls-Royce to sell North American civil nuclear unit to Westinghouse

The deal is subject to regulatory approvals