National Highways sets up environmental division

It will focus purely on the government-owned company’s net zero aims and sustainability targets

Oxford to get £35m boost for sustainable transport

The government will invest the money into the A40 to ease congestion and provide greener transport options

A46 road rebuilt using 56% of recycled materials

The resurfacing of the busy road reused more than 17,400 tonnes of materials from the old road

Tarmac lays first recycled rubber road in London

Approximately 100 recycled tyres have been mixed into the road surface on Canrobert Street in Bethnal Green as part of the plan to reduce landfill and incineration waste

Cutting road transport emissions ‘remains a significant challenge’

The Office for National Statistics says greenhouse gas emissions from the sector still made up around a fifth of the UK’s total emissions in 2017

Solar takes to the road with successful photovoltaic pathway

The Netherlands’ SolaRoad will now be tested under heavy traffic conditions

Is floor-mounted solar technology on the road to nowhere?

A new test suggests solar roads are not an efficient way to use the technology

Pune paved with plastic in Indian recycled road scheme

Roads in the Indian city of Pune are now being built with glue and tar made from recycled plastic waste. Following successful pilot tests, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) plans to construct around 25 roads in different areas of the province using the technique. It aims to partner with a chemical and an environmental company, […]

£1m to cut UK road transport emissions

The UK Government is providing £1 million for projects aimed at reducing emissions from road transport. It is part of the Air Quality Grant Programme – open to local authorities across England – which will support projects set up to tackle nitrogen dioxide levels and mitigate emissions from cars and buses. Transport is a major […]

Marks and Spencer switches from road to rail to cut CO2

Marks and Spencer plans to cut 800 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year by distributing 300,000 products by train. The retailer has announced it will use rail instead of road for clothing and home products on the 350-mile route between its distribution centres in Daventry and Falkirk. The move is the latest strand of M&S’s […]