‘Climate change cannot be addressed without reducing overconsumption’

In a new report, think tank Green Alliance calls on the government to set a target to halve national resource consumption

UK and Scottish Governments ‘must work together to keep oil and gas in the ground as part of net zero deal’

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has called for the governments to invest in low carbon industries to replace the fossil fuel sectors

Donald Trumps’ rare earth executive order ‘could clean up the resource footprint of EVs’

Michael Kraft, Chief Executive Officer of the Coretec Group, said the order would likely incentivise innovation and drive the creation of cleaner industry processes

Sustainable nickel supply becoming ‘serious issue’ for EV market

IDTechEx says EV powertrains are putting ‘sudden and unprecedented strain on several raw materials industries’

Leather made from fungi ‘eco-friendlier and cheaper’ than animal and plastic alternatives

Fungi-based leather releases less carbon emissions into the atmosphere and is fully biodegradable when used in its pure form

Tesla joins Fair Cobalt Alliance to support miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The country currently produces approximately 70% of the world’s cobalt, which is predominantly used to produce batteries

Global market for EV powertrain materials ‘to hit $47bn by 2030’

A new report from IDTechEx suggests traction batteries and motors will see a “meteoric rise” in demand as wide-scale EV adoption ramps up

Connected Kerb lands government funding to demonstrate smart metering for EV charging

The EV infrastructure company is working as part of a consortium that includes Octopus Energy, the Energy Saving Trust, Power Networks Distribution Centre and SLS Ltd

Climate Change: Switch Off Or Save? Protecting The Planet Post Earth Hour

Mike Hughes, Zone President for Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, says waste ‘must be eradicated in all its forms’

‘Certain UK regions could run out of water in next 20 years’

Researchers from the National Audit Office claim 1.08 billion litres per day of supply will be lost by 2045 due to climate change