Seed to forest: New alliance to tackle global seed shortage and scale reforestation

It will bring together businesses, NGOs and philanthropists to tackle the largest bottlenecks to reforestation at scale, focusing initially on inadequate seed supply

‘Switching to renewables could save the world more than £10tn’

Go ‘full speed ahead with the green energy transition’ to save cash – researchers say

US launches new Energy Earthshot to slash geothermal power costs

The Department of Energy aims to reduce its cost by 90% to $45 per megawatt hour by 2035

EU bank backs MAHLE’s zero-emission vehicle tech with €300m loan

Its projects will include investments in eco-friendly technologies such as electric motor and battery components, thermal management as well as hydrogen and fuel cell components

UN climate change hub built in Barbados

The response centre will provide aid to Caribbean countries hit by disasters

Aberdeen University secures £220k to turn waste into hydrogen

The research could see organic matter in food waste, manure, wastewater and other biodegradable waste converted into hydrogen and used to power homes and businesses

Worst impacts of climate change ‘not explored enough’

Scientists claim that the world is not preparing for a worst-case scenario situation when it comes to global warming

Imperial students looking to be ‘net zero leaders’

The London university has launched an initiative to inspire the next generation of clean ideas and solutions

US invests $165m to expand geothermal energy deployment

A consortium of experts will develop a roadmap for addressing technology and knowledge gaps in geothermal energy, based on best practices used within the oil and gas sector

‘Green hydrogen cheaper than LNG in Europe’

That’s due to rocketing gas prices, new research finds