Climate change is decreasing fertility rates

Less people are having children year-on-year due to fears of climate change according to new research

Sheffield University to host major new sustainable aviation fuels innovation centre

It will act as a ‘clearing house’ with facilities to test, validate and certify new sustainable aviation fuels

Sussex Uni to play ‘key role’ in new £20m research centre

The research and innovation centre will focus on the governance, transition and politics of the UK’s decarbonisation policy, with 11 experts from the university involved

‘Hydrogen tech will be critical to achieving net zero by 2050’

A new study reveals that demand for hydrogen may exceed 100 million tonnes by 2050, three times more than the EU has predicted

Hidden costs of energy and transport sectors ‘sit at a staggering $25 trillion’

New research shows the external impacts of the sectors are not accounted for when tallying costs, with no compensation for those affected

Octopus Energy launches net zero research centre to tackle climate threats

It claims the Octopus Centre for Net Zero is the world’s first research organisation of its kind to be focused on the ‘entech’ sector

Scientists land share of £213m to drive progress towards net zero

The new round of government funding will be used to deploy a range of state-of-the-art technology, which will also help tackle to COVID-19 pandemic

Logitech and Nestlé fund research into sustainable materials

The companies are leading a consortium to fund breakthrough research into sustainable materials with five million Swiss francs (£4.4m)

‘The idea EVs could increase emissions is essentially a myth’

A new study suggests electric cars are ‘considerably’ healthier for the earth’s climate, despite some suggestions that they generate more emissions during production and electricity generation

New tech ‘could turn any surface into a solar panel’

Researchers at the University of Queensland they have worked out how to suspend tiny particles called ‘quantum dots’ in a 3D-printable material, which can then be applied to any surface