Microsoft forms alliance with Shell to support progress towards net zero world

The agreement aims to help the energy giant curb emissions and the digital titan reach its goal of 100% renewable power by 2025

General Electric announces plans to end new-build coal power

The move comes after the US conglomerate’s decision to focus on renewable sources of power generation

Vattenfall to trial wooden towers to cut emissions from wind turbine construction

The venture with the Swedish Modvion is forecast to shrink the carbon footprint of wind turbine manufacturing by at least 25%

Amazon switches on its first operational wind farm in Europe

The 91MW project in Western Sweden will support Amazon Web Services data centres in the country

EU proposes to cut 15% more emissions by 2030

The proposed target of 55% marks a step up from its previous goal to reduce emissions by 40% from 1990 levels

‘The world could reach net zero emissions goal with up to $2tn a year additional investments’

The energy transition is ‘easily affordable’ because of the reduction in the cost of renewable energy, according to a new report

Biogen to invest $250m to end fossil fuel use by 2040

The biotechnology company achieved carbon-neutrality in 2014

Facebook targets net zero value chain by 2030

The target includes emissions from suppliers, employee commuting and business travel

bp and Microsoft join forces to strengthen digital energy transformation and net zero goals

The collaboration between the tech and energy giants will focus on consumer energy, smart cities, clean energy parks and industrial IoT solutions

Google announces it has already removed entire ‘carbon legacy’

The tech giant has brought its lifetime net carbon footprint to zero by purchasing carbon offsets, covering all operational emissions before it became carbon-neutral in 2007