Apetit Group ‘to run 100% operations on renewable energy’

The food company says the adoption of wind power will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its energy consumption by 29%

Gasum to supply Preem’s tankers with renewable maritime fuel

The new fuel blend consists of 10% renewable liquefied biogas

Nestlé has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34% since 2010

The report claims during 2019 Nestle reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 34% while 41% of the company’s electricity came from renewable sources

Biomethane demand soars by 800% thanks to UK companies

CNG Fuels builds ‘Europe’s biggest refuelling station’ in Warrington and Northampton to meet burgeoning demand

BHP, Anglo, Fortescue and Hatch partner on green hydrogen consortium

The new consortium intends to increase the adoption and application of hydrogen within the mining sector and decarbonise its operations

Ancala Partners acquire the largest wind farm in Cyprus

The 82MW Orites wind farm powers 5% of Cyprus entire electricity generation