PayPal commits to net zero emissions by 2040

It aims to use 100% renewable energy sources to power its data centres by 2023

UK fashion brand Hype ‘to become fully sustainable business by 2022’

The company has agreed to offset its emissions through the partnership with Ecologi, planting a tree for every order that is placed

‘High-tech tree planting is the key to counteracting corporate emissions’

Land Life Company’s Rebekah Braswell says large-scale reforestation, combined with the smart use of data, can prove an essential tool in businesses’ CSR strategies

Global safety footwear brand becomes carbon-neutral in its Australian operations

The business has achieved this goal by offsetting its carbon emissions from its fleet, energy use, air travel, water consumption and freight

Nestlé to plant three million trees in Amazon to mitigate environmental impact

Beginning in March 2020, the retail giant will start planting trees in Brazil and Mexico to drive towards net zero

Scientists call on rich countries to hit ‘peak livestock’ in next decade

Leading scientists warn that continued growth in meat production will make tackling climate change impossible so richer countries must move to plant based diets

Amazon unboxes new 2040 net zero carbon commitment

It has also pledged to source 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030