HP hits ctrl-alt-del to 75% of single-use plastic by 2025

Last year HP used more than 25,000 tonnes of recycled content plastic for its print products

Diageo launches 100% recycled plastic bottle for whiskey brand

The change is estimated to reduce the use of virgin plastic by almost 1000 tonnes every year

New Norwegian company set up to increase waste wood recycling rates across Europe

Geminor, Retura IR and Retura Ostfold are the three holding companies behind the new firm – together, they handle around 200,000 tonnes of waste wood per year

VISA issues card made with 98% upcycled plastic for greener payments

The new card aims to reduce first-use plastic and divert plastic waste, which might otherwise enter a landfill

Samsung receives zero waste to landfill validation for its manufacturing sites

The Korean electronics giant has shifted waste management methods from thermal processing or landfill disposals to recycling and reuse

Scandinavian companies launch EV battery recycling venture

The recycling hub is expected to crush and sort more than 8,000 tonnes of batteries

Philadelphia says ‘cheese’ with new recycled plastic packaging

Advanced recycling technology will be used to recover plastic that would have otherwise gone to landfill or incineration

IKEA’s new partnership to furnish homes with circular life

The collaboration aims to advocate closed-loop furnishing design and promote circular offers to customers

Vodafone dials a quarter of its electricity use into renewables

The telecommunications giant has invested €77 million in energy efficiency and renewable projects across its business

Carlsberg says cheers to cutting CO2 emissions with paper bottles

The ‘world’s first paper beer bottle’ will be made from 100% bio-based and fully recyclable wood fibres