Strutting your stuff in net zero shoes?

A San Francisco company claims it’s made the first net zero shoes and they could be on sale next year!

Unilever launches ‘most powerful and sustainable’ laundry capsules

They are expected to prevent more than 6,000 tonnes of plastic entering the waste stream annually – equivalent to the weight of 500 double-decker buses

Carlsberg trials bio-based and recyclable beer bottles across Europe

A total of 8,000 Fibre Bottles are being tested in eight markets – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, France and the UK

Absolut plans neat green transition with fibre-based vodka bottle caps

The new bio-based material reduces the amount of plastic used in packaging, making it recyclable as paper and ocean biodegradable

Kraft Heinz to develop paper-based ketchup bottle

It is part of the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and achieve its goal to make all packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025

‘Most businesses don’t know about the plastic packaging tax’

The tax comes into force today, so how will it impact businesses?

New £10m heating network for Aberdeen flats

The network will create heat from non-recyclable waste

‘First-of-a-kind’: Plans unveiled for bio-recycled PET facility in France

Carbios and Indorama Ventures aim to build and operate the ‘world’s first’ industrial-scale enzymatic PET bio-recycling plant

GSK commits to producing a billion recyclable toothpaste tubes by 2025

It is partnering with two global packaging suppliers to launch the fully recyclable toothpaste tubes across its specialist and science-based oral health brands, which includes Sensodyne, parodontax and Aquafresh

Horizon Organic sets sights on becoming carbon positive by 2025

It plans to reduce its carbon footprint from farm to fridge through initiatives such as the purchase of renewable energy and making 100% of packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025